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About Greece

Documents: if you are E. U. citizens no special papers are needed to visit Greece, all the other citizens need their passports and for more information they can contact their embassies or consulates in Greece.


Animals: before being carried to this land they need a health certificate and an antirabic prophylaxis. The certificate should be valid more than 12 months, more than 6 months for cats and it has to be made at least 6 days before arrival.


Health: in Corfu town you can find St. Irini hospital where you can ask for help showing your sanitary card.

There are many private clinics and doctors who speak English in the city, beyond surgeries and pharmacies in many tourist resorts of the island.


Clothing: only in churches and monasteries proper clothes are required (trousers or long skirts and t-shirts with sleeves).

Some churches supply shawls to the visitor who is not properly dressed just before the visit.


Clock: time in Greece is two hours ahead the Greenwich’s meridian.

Like everywhere in Europe also in Greece, in the Summer season (March – September) the daylight saving time is effective.

Something curious ... Time in Greece is conceived in a very particular way: here time is not running, there is no such concept of “being on time” and the clock is just something to wear.

The Greeks themselves are aware of taking it easy under every respect (but not in serving the tourist!) up to the point that G.M.T. is not considered as the Greenwich Meridian Time, but as the Greek Maybe Time!


Electricity: outlets in Greece are double and not triple therefore we suggest traveling with an adaptor.


Roads: the island has an efficient road network, with main roads, secondary and no-asphalted ones leading to the most unthinkable places.

The roads in Corfu island are not always in a good condition, so be careful and don’t forget your security belt!


Telephone: there are many public telephone boxes from where it is possible to make telephone calls with pre-paid telephone cards that you can buy in every local shop.

It is possible to make national and international telephone calls even from the OTE’s office (Greek Organization of Telecommunications) open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00.

In the office there are also some positions for public use.

The telephone code to call in Greece is 0030.


Money: being as well member of the European Community, the currency in Greece is Euro.

The most famous credit cards can be used in Corfu to pay accommodation, restaurants, rentals... and the traveler cheques can be changed in every bank or exchange office.

Tips in restaurants are not obligatory, it’s up to you.


Antiques: is strictly forbidden to bring out from Greece any kind of antiques without a proper licence.